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Iowa’s small No-Kill animal shelters and rescues are doing a wonderful job of protecting our unwanted or abused companion animals. However, they are much too busy caring for these animals to spend the time necessary to raise the much-needed funds to keep them up and running.

It is the Iowa Companion Animal Support Association’s desire to take some of the burden off the backs of the compassionate people already giving their time to heal, care for, and find loving homes for Iowa’s companion animals. We will do this by providing the time and expertise needed to promote and find funding for these fine life-saving organizations.

The Iowa Companion Animal Support Association plans to provide professional services at no charge to its associates. These services may include:

• Artwork & Design
• Constant Contact E-mail Broadcasts
• Assistance with Local Events and Fundraisers
• Statewide Promotions and Events
• Large Corporation Sponsorships
• Group Discount Purchasing
• Assistance with Grant Writing
• On-Line Store
• Public Education
• Assistance with Spay and Nutter Clinics (Community and Farm Cats)
• Assistance with Catch-Nutter-Release Programs (Community Cats)
• Push for legislation preventing Animal Abuse, Puppy Mills, etc.
(Note: Not all of these services are available yet.)

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